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Fall 091513 contact form 聯絡單

                年級第四冊聯絡單                     9-15-13
中心德目: 精勤
The more we do, the more we gain; the less we do, the more we lose out.

學生姓名(Students Name):__________________
家長閱後簽名(Parent’s signature after reading):________________
(After accomplishing every assignments, please inform your parents for their signatures!)   
What we do today 9/8
1.        第一課說文解字 (review and learn new words)
2.      生字遊戲與句型練習 (Learn new vocabulary with games and practice speaking with new words)
3.      相反字認識與遊戲(learn opposite word and play game)
4.      讀不會寫字的獅子 (Read picture book)


Assignments for this week

Please watch the animation using the link above and write the learning sheets (A lion who cannot write)
Please listen to the story related to Moon Festival, Moon Bunny’s Long Journey, link can be found in our blog
¨         1.口說練習,請朗讀口說練習單,有關中秋節的句子。線上錄音給老師。底下有老師示範朗讀。
Please read the speaking practice sheets (sentences related to Moon Festival), record your voice using the apparatus on the blog below. You can find out how to read below.
 2. 朗讀第一課課文p.7並錄音給老師
please read lesson one, p.7 and record your voice using the apparatus on the blog below
¨          課文, 下週有隨堂測驗
Please review the first lesson p6-10, we will have quiz next week
¨        欣賞童詩,尖和卡,並圈出不會的字。
Please read the poem and circle the word you do not know
¨         作業本:p5-8
MeiZhou Chinese assignment p5-8
¨         不會寫字的獅子學習單II
Learning sheet for extra reading A lion who cannot write II
下周 9/22
What to bring next week
§  作業本: p 5-8
§  不會寫字的獅子學習單II  
Please bring your writing assignments.
§  小白板 (white broad)
§  記得想想你要獅子什麼字喔!
Please remember to prepare what you want to teach the lion!

Reminder from the teacher
Please visit our blog frequently, there is a lot of learning resource and you may also contact me using this blog site.

口語練習示範 Speaking practice example

Note: 1. After you hit begin, you will see a popup that ask you " allow to access your computer camera and and microphone", please hit allow (允許)and then close. 2. Then type your name and hit register. 3. When you are recording, you should be able to see the bar move up and down as well. 4. After you have done recording, hit "play" to see if you can hear your own voice. 5. If everything is good, you can hit "save".

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