Saturday, March 29, 2014

140330-Contact Form 聯絡單

中心德目: 有恆
本月靜思語: 小事好好做,才能成就好事
學生姓名(Students Name):__________________
家長閱後簽名(Parents signature after reading):________________

今天上課做的事 What we do today:
·         第五課 說故事講解
·         玩支援前線 體會合作精神
·         第六課 春曉 講解 與生字教學
·         欣賞 春曉唸謠 幫助同學背誦唐詩
本週作業 Assignment for this week
巧虎 春曉
Please watch this video that help you memorize this Chinese poem

·         聽歌
小春日和 旺福樂團
Please listen to this song, related to spring. Hope it will bring you some warmth

·          請背誦春曉 並且錄音給老師 (請你背誦喔!) 如果不確定怎麼念 可以參考影片
Please and memorize the Chinese Poem 春曉 and recite the poem, record it for the teacher.

·         複習課本第六課課文 p56-57
Please review text book p56-57
                  寫:  美洲華語 P88-94  Mei-Zhou Chinese p88-94

1.         請攜帶小白板與字卡 Please bring small white board and flash cards
下週要小考春曉默寫填空 請同學回家背誦春曉 並熟悉每個字 Next week (4/6/14) we will have a quiz on the poem 春曉,please memorize it and know how to write each character.

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